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Django LTS provides security patches for older versions of the Django web development framework.

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After a few years of service, old versions of the Django framework reach end-of-life. At this point the volunteer team that maintains Django no longer provides security patches against criticial security vulnerabilities.

When community support for a popular version of Django ends, Django LTS takes over maintenance and continues to provide security patches. When a new advisory is announced, we patch the vulnerability and release a new version of Django LTS.

Don't get hacked

Security vulnerabilities for Django are disclosed multiple times each year.

Prevent theft, data breaches, liability and embarassment with continuous security upgrades from Django LTS.

Upgrade in your own time

Upgrading Django can be an expensive rat race, incompatible with your product's roadmap.

With Django LTS you can upgrade to the latest Django version whenever it fits your timeline or stay on your version forever.

Zero effort

Django LTS is a 100% drop-in replacement for Django and typically requires no changes to your application code.

With easy pip integration, moving to Django LTS can take less than five minutes. If you have any issues, we can provide in-depth integration assistance.

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